Local Crime Prevention Project Grant Program


The Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick (CPANB) is offering a Community Crime Prevention Grant. This funding opportunity is being provided in the form of a Grant and it is available to eligible communities and community crime prevention initiatives in New Brunswick.

Terms of Reference:

  • Projects MUST follow the CPANB Social Value Statement by striving to:
    “build safe and healthy communities through cross sector partnerships to advance knowledge transfer, research and best practices”.

  • The project MUST recognize its partnership with CPANB, either by visual logos or text on brochures, booklets, promotional materials, etc.

  • The project MUST promote crime prevention initiatives within the province of New Brunswick.

  • The project sponsor MUST submit a final report outlining the progress and outcomes of the project. The final report will be due no later than 2 months after the completion of the project and should be sent to the CPANB email address noted below.

  • All promotional items, ads, scripts, visuals etc, MUST be submitted to CPANB for approval by committee members prior to their use.

  • CPANB reserves the right to use the project and or items created in order to be reproduced and or modified for other regions / committees / organizations for future marketing and promotional purposes.

  • the project sponsor must indemnify CPANB from all claims, demands, actions and causes of action of third parties that may arise from this project.

Application Process:
  • Applications are to be filled out completely with all details relevant to the project

  • Applications are to be submitted to CPANB via email.

  • Applications are to be reviewed by CPANB sub committee members

  • Recommended projects will be submitted to the CPANB Board for approval

  • CPANB will inform the applying Committee of approval or modifications required

Click the icon below to download an application form

CPANB Grant Application Form 912.0KB

CPANB Grant Application Form 248.9KB