The CPANB is working to develop a premiere “made in New Brunswick” Crime Prevention resource centre. The new CPANB website’s “Resource Centre” will offer a crime prevention clearing house that is up-to-date, readily accessible, and easy to navigate. The Crime Prevention Resource Centre will include:

  • Current research and best practices in Crime Prevention for multiple disciplines and grassroots organizations
  • Updated information on current and emerging public policy related to crime prevention
  • A registry of current crime prevention programs, projects, and services throughout NB

The outcomes of this new service will be:

  • Enhanced access to crime prevention resources for crime prevention professionals, communities and the public at large.
  • Enhanced awareness of and accessibility to crime prevention programs, projects, and services
  • Greater resource sharing and collaboration in crime prevention efforts
  • Enhanced public safety and more resilient communities

CPANB Family Violence Awareness Booklet