Terms of use

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when using the CPANB online forums. Any users who abuse these guidelines risk having their online services suspended revoked without recourse.

1. Confidentiality

While this forum is only accessible to CPANB members, please observe all privacy and confidentiality protocols associated with your work (i.e. Police, Corrections, etc).

2. Conduct

Please maintain respectful decorum on this forum. Please use appropriate language and avoid irreverent discussion.

3. Attachments and links

If users post external links or attachments, they are responsible for their security and safety. The CPANB is not responsible for exter nal links posted by users of this forum.

4. Advise administration of misuse

Please advise administration of any misuse of this forum so that corrective action can be taken. Contact info@cpanb-apcnb.ca with issues with "FORUMS" in the subject line.

Thank you & Enjoy!